Our Story

familyThe inspiration for Enable Sports & Fitness is our son, Daniel.  In 1999, my husband Bob and I had Dan, our first child, and quite unexpectedly, he was born with Down Syndrome. Like many families introduced to the world of special needs, we had no clue what to expect. This life changing event turned out to be one of our greatest blessings! We have learned so much from Dan. His sense of humor, love of music and dancing, and smile light up a room!

Our vision for Enable Sports & Fitness is to provide meaningful athletic and fitness opportunities for youth and young adults that need additional support.  The goal is to provide a place for special needs individuals of all ages, to participate in physical fitness and sports.  Our son, like many of his peers, has always been happiest with a ball in his hand! As he grew, he became skilled in basketball and tennis and logs many hours a week playing. Enable Sports & Fitness will assist  individuals like Dan to become happy, healthy, and productive members in our community by creating a supportive gym facility & fantastic fitness programs.

Enable Sports & Fitness fills a gap that is not offered in the special needs community. There are some gyms that include special needs classes at certain times and on particular days. However, there aren’t any facilities that provide a reverse inclusion model….bringing the typical population into a gym to assist the special needs individual. This idea is what launched Enable Sports & Fitness.  Come and be part of Dan’s dream!  

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